On this page you'll find information about grooming the Bernese mountaindog.

Other breeds are also welcome in our grooming salon.
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Grooming the Bernese mountaindog:

The Bernese mountaindog has a beautiful coat that needs a regular maintenance.
For its good condition, it's necessary to brush it about two times a week.
Most of the work can be done with a soft slicker brush.
Beginning at the root of the hair, we'll start brushing at his leg's, little by little working upward.
Afterwards, use a coarse toothed metal comb to check on any remaining knots.
The longer parts of its hair (ears, neck, pants, . . .) need extra attention, as well as its belly and armpits, those are the places where knots are easily formed.
Any knots should be removed with a matt breaker.
Male dog's usually have longer chest-hair than females and ask for a little more attention there.
During the moulting season, the best thing to use is a shepherd rake to remove most of the loose hair, then go on with slicker brush and comb.
Bathing and the use of a hair-dryer will complete the work.
A regular wash is allowed but it's very important to use a good quality dog shampoo, other shampoos might irritate its skin.
Regularly check the ears and 'only if necessary' clean them with a ball of cottonwood, soaked in lukewarm water or in an ear cleaning product, do not use a cotton wool rod and do not go too deep in the ear canal.
If you think all this is to difficult, there's always the possibility of visiting a dog- grooming centre a few times a year, the dog's coat will be coiffured, its nails will be cut and you'll get professional advice.